Mystery Respiratory Disease in Dogs?

Concerned About the So-Called Mystery Canine Respiratory Disease?

We have seen the media and are fielding lots of questions about the recently reported “mystery respiratory disease” in dogs. Unfortunately there is a lot of media hype with “sensationalism” verbiage. Reports stating such things as: “Veterinarians across the country are scrambling…” and “Mystery respiratory disease in dogs is sweeping the nation…” are just not true.

For more information, we would like to refer you to a blog post by a world renowned veterinary infectious disease expert who hosts a website called “Worms and Germs” we think you will find helpful.

We do continue to STRONGLY recommend vaccinating against Bordetella/adenovirus/parainfluenza for all dogs that board, go to the groomers, or spend much time at dog parks. We also continue to believe there is NOT a need for the canine influenza vaccine in our area.