Are Low-Cost Vaccine Clinics Really a Bargain?

Is a Half-Price Vaccination Really a Bargain if it Only Lasts One Third As Long?

The State of Texas approved the use of 3 YEAR RABIES vaccines in dogs & cats several years ago.  We have been using this vaccine in dogs since that time.  Many of the vaccine clinics held in the area only give a 1 YEAR RABIES vaccine.

We have also moved from the traditional 1 YEAR DISTEMPER / PARVO schedule to a 3 YEAR schedule in dogs 2 years of age and older.  The same holds for cat vaccines for DISTEMPER / RESPIRATORY DISEASE and LEUKEMIA.  While the manufacturers of these vaccines do not specify the three year duration for these vaccines, veterinary schools and veterinary specialty organizations have advocated this three year protocol.  Their research has indicated that many vaccines provide this extended protection.

BOTTOM LINE -“Low cost” vaccines given every year are NOT the bargain you may think!

Are You Sure Your Dog or Cat is Getting The Proper Vaccinations?

Does the veterinarian giving these low cost vaccines discuss with you what specific vaccines your pet needs?  Many clinics adhere to a “one-size fits all” vaccine protocol ….everyone gets the same set of vaccines every year.  While this approach has been the standard in the past, it is no longer the case.  There are many vaccines available, but only a few are considered to be applicable to the general dog or cat population.  In our practice, we take the time to discuss your pet’s environment, habits and exposure potential and recommend to you only those vaccines we think are needed.

BOTTOM LINE – “Low cost” vaccines aren’t much of a bargain if your pet didn’t need them in the first place.

Are You Aware of Potential Health Problems Associated With Vaccines?

The move to less frequent and less numerous vaccines has followed thinking among veterinary researchers that the “vaccinate every year for every disease” mentality of years past may be responsible for the rise of various immune system disease conditions in the pet population.

BOTTOM LINE – Yearly vaccination for multiple diseases may be harmful!


We have refocused the primary reason for an annual visit is a thorough exam to assess your pet’s health rather than annual “vaccines”.  Are you receiving a thorough assessment of your pet’s health at the vaccine clinic?

Our philosophy of practice has always been to give our clients the services they desire for their pet at a reasonable fee.  We’ve been doing that for over 25 years and will continue to do so. We strive to provide comprehensive health care for your pet which includes an individualized vaccine program that provides adequate protection for those diseases that threaten your pet.